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What is Elsewhere?

Think of Elsewhere as a hotel without walls; a resort that can meet you wherever you are, whenever you need it. Just like a hotel, we have concierge who specialize in making the occasions in your life special by curating and coordinating the events and vacations that make for the best memories.


Where does Elsewhere deliver?

Currently Elsewhere is able to fulfill deliveries within the United States. International deliveries coming soon!

How long does shipping take?

Once your order is received, please allow 2-3 business days for processing. Delivery estimates will follow industry standards:

Standard shipping estimates: 3-10 business days. 

Expedited shipping estimates: 1-2 business days.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is assessed according to a scale based on the delivery address that you input at checkout.

What payment methods does Elsewhere accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and debit cards, and PayPal. 

Can I change or cancel my order?

Life happens. No worries. If you would like to cancel an order you have placed, please contact us immediately. If your order is awaiting fulfillment, we can cancel your order. After shipment, we will be unable to cancel rented items. After shipment, standard products for purchase must adhere to Elsewhere's return policy. If you are looking to cancel an order, please contact us as soon as possible at

Can I return or exchange my purchase?

Elsewhere accepts returns within 30 days of the date of delivery.

Items eligible for return must be unused, include all items in the original product order, and be in the same condition that you received it.

Once we receive your return, your refund will be applied to your original payment method. Your refund may take anywhere from 3-10 business days to reflect on your financial account.

How much do returns cost?

You will be refunded for the full price of your purchase in your original form of payment if your return is within 30 days of receipt, minus the cost of return shipping.

Scene Collections

What is a collection?

A collection is a pre-curated kit full of unique supplies that will set the scene of your next getaway or gathering, right out of the box! You can rent custom themes or use our pre-made themes, and if you get too attached, we have some collections available for purchase! If you're traveling, our getaway collections can meet you at check-in. Or if you're hosting, your collection will take the guesswork out of decor so that you can get back to enjoying your guests.

What is included in my collection order?

You will find an assortment of items related to your theme 2 extra guest settings (to ensure you're covered if any unforeseen circumstances arise). A return checklist and label will detail your repacking and return date as well as instructions on how to facilitate your package pickup. 

When do I return my rental?

Our pickups are scheduled for the day after your event. You will receive your pickup window upon order confirmation. Saturday parties will be picked up on Monday

Can I keep my collection rental for longer than 3 days?

There is a 3-day limit on all rentals. You may extend your rental period to 5 days for an extra fee that is assessed according to the collection you are renting. If you need the collection for longer than the 5-day limitation, you may contact us at

How far in advance should I place my order?

As our rentals are subject to availability, it is advised that you reserve your preferred items as soon as you can to ensure you are able to reserve all of the supplies you desire. You can reserve items as early as a year in advance and we advise reserving no later than 10 days ahead of your event. 

Can I change or cancel my collection order?

Life happens. Plans change. No worries. As long as your rental has not left our warehouse, we are can accommodate a cancellation or reschedule request. 

If you need to add to your order, please place a separate order for the new items and send us an email to scenes@stateofelsewhere noting that these orders should be combined and shipped together.

If you would like to cancel or reschedule an order you have placed, please contact us immediately. As long as your order is awaiting shipment, we can cancel your order. Reschedule requests will be dependent on item availability. If you are looking to cancel or reschedule, please contact us as soon as possible at

What can I expect when I receive my order?

You will see the items you've requested along with 2 extra guest settings (to ensure you're covered if any unforeseen circumstances arise) and a return checklist and label. 

Are collection items brand new?

Collection items are rented by many hosts so, in many cases, the items are not brand new. However, our quality control protocols are designed to ensure each item is as good as new before it gets to its next scene! Once we receive collections after an event, the items undergo a meticulous restocking process to clean, sanitize, and restore. We use professional-grade sanitization products and protocols before these items are prepared to be sent out to the next host. 


What is an Elsewhere experience?

Elsewhere experiences are statement activities or events that enhance the scene and experience of destinations or celebrations.

How do I book a custom itinerary for my getaway or gathering?

You can visit our Getaways or Gatherings page to get started on your custom itinerary. Your request will be assigned to a concierge who will begin aggregating all of the details that will make your event a breathtaking moment to remember. Our team of concierge are expert-level planners who will weave your preferences with creativity and design. They are expert level planners who have been entrusted to coordinate experiential details for events from date nights to weddings and itineraries from bachelorettes to anniversaries. 

What is a bespoke guide?

Elsewhere is known for their world-class city guides, where we outline and access the charm and hidden gems of a locale's best features. We provide custom guides tailored to fit your perfect trip based on your interests, must-sees, your travel partners, and your travel goals. 

How do I order a bespoke guide?

You can order a guide by filling out our questionnaire to refine the custom experiences you are looking to enjoy. Within 48 hours, you will have a custom guide ready for you to enjoy!

What services do Elsewhere concierge provide?

Elsewhere concierge offer a range of services for gatherings and getaways. Our travel concierge will take care of everything from itinerary design and coordination to connecting the dots for your transportation, accommodations; they'll even take the guesswork out of a weather-conscious, TSA-approved packing list. While you're enjoying the sights, your concierge is verifying and creating reservations and bookings on your behalf. 

Our host concierge will coordinate vendors to better assist in bringing your event to life and recommend and coordinate culinary selections to pair with your theme or celebration. Your concierge can help facilitate local and remote hosting so that you can focus on your guests 


What does membership include?

Citizens of Elsewhere enjoy exclusive access to events and experiences as well as itinerary, kit, and accommodations discounts.

How much is an annual membership?

Our annual membership starts from $0 newsletter subscription and goes up to $250/year for comprehensive access to all that Elsewhere has to offer!

The tiers are as follows:

Standard: $0

Premium: $40

Elite: $250 

What can I expect to get out of my membership?

Life happens. No worries. If you would like to cancel an order you have placed, please contact us immediately. If your order is awaiting fulfillment, we can cancel your order.  Please contact us as soon as possible at

How can I cancel my membership?

If you would like to cancel your membership, please submit your request here: